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Upcoming 2011 NBA Season by Coincidence


The waiting stops.  The anticipation begins.

If you have no idea what I'm referring to, it's the start of the 2010-11 NBA season.

A lot has changed over the last couple of months.  LeBron got lured into South Beach.  Amar'e found his Jewish roots and signed a multi-million dollar deal with the Knickerbockers (Yes!).  John Wall has arrived.  Adam Morrison got waived (bye bye mustache).  Charles Barkley said some stupid things.  And much, much more. 

Now let's talk Lakers. 

Acquisitions: Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, Theo Ratliff, Devin Ebanks, Derrick Caracter.

Departures: Josh Powell's enthusiasm, DJ Mbenga's face, Adam Morrison's ineffectiveness.

All that really matters is that Kobe, Pau and Phil are engaged and ready to three-peat.  Without question they improved their bench via the draft and by nabbing Blake/Barnes in free agency.  They'll be there in June, fighting for the coveted Larry O'Brien trophy---  I can almost guarantee it. 

Goliath versus Goliath.  Kobe, Pau & Ron.  LeBron, Dywane & Chris.  Who you got?

That being said, this year is going to be must watch television.  The story-lines will write themselves.  Shit will hit the fan.  Cheerleaders will get hurt (I'm looking at you Carl Landry).  Kevin Garnett will punch a stanchion.  DeMarcus Cousins will cry during a game.  Eddy Curry will never play.   

Get your popcorn & vodka ready!


Woody Ballad aka: CoincidenceUNO




25 October 2010, 16:58

A New Voice: Coincidence of HW&W

So I'm spending this lazy Sunday afternoon prepping my final options for tonight's NBA fantasy draft, ready for the Lakers' 2011 3-peat.   This being my first "fantasy" league ever I realize I'm in dire need of some sports-buff help otherwise my $100 is going straight down the drain.  Without question I reach out to my good friend Keith Fujimoto, a.k.a. Coincidence, artist and founder of the record label "Huh What & Where".  Another creative mind that Neoclassics is proud to announce our partnership with...I grew up with Keith and as far back as I could remember if something had to do with sports, art or music he was the go-to-guy.  It doesn't surprise me one bit that Keith now spends his days as a professional sports writer, journalist, rapper/producer, never straying one bit from his passions.

[caption id="attachment_87" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Coincidence and Akello"][/caption]

I'm proud to announce that Keith will bless us with his knowledge and humor in sports, music and culture from time to time on this Neoclassics' blog.   This artists has so much going on I don't even know where to start with introductions but I'm sure you'll get to know him very soon, you're in for a treat.

Get a taste of HW&W music at:

Catch some NBA vintage/humor at:

Akello & Coincidence music:
24 October 2010, 17:03

Neoclassics and Komodo Foodies

Neoclassics continues to spread our message of living freely, creatively, unbound by society and stereotypes.  We continue to endorse this lifestyle by supporting street artists, musicians, comedians and anyone else that has the cajones to do what their passionate about.  This couldn't be displayed any better than our friends at Komodo; instead of  taking the traditional career routes after graduating from culinary school they stepped outside the box and boyyyyyyyy did it pay off.

As you all know, we are the official partner of our foodie friends at Komodo, recently landing on the front page of and earning a feature spread in LA's Bunker Hill magazine.    I think it's safe to say that they're doing fairly well; as if serving up Brad Pitt's private party last week wasn't enough, they were recently named one of US's top food trucks by the Travel Channel.  Hats off to Komodo, this dedicated crew has definitely earned their bragging rights.  Needless to say the Neoclassics family is very proud of our partners and wanted to shine some light on their continued success.  First of all, luck has nothing to do with it, in a land crawling with competition and trucks down every alley way Komodo has found a way to distance themselves from the pack...

[caption id="attachment_81" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Brad Pitt and Eric"][/caption]

People are normally instantly drawn to the truck at festivals due to their sleek design.   A black truck with a white Komodo decal, nothing too loud or colorful but interesting enough to tickle the curiosity of any passerby, unaware of the gourmet experience their palette will soon encounter.   Chef Erwin Tjahyadi's menu exemplifies his specialized training in French traditional cuisine and personal palette for Asian fusion, developing his style while at Le Cordon Bleu.

Full menu details:

This month they also kicked off their new partnership with the one and only Entourage!! Komodo is now the official representative for the shows debut on KTLA, look out for this truck and pick up the exclusive Neoclassics X Komodo Collab: Dangerously Good Food T

Once again, hats off to our friends at Komodo for following their passion and making a reality out of their dreams.  Now get up, get out and grab a meal and a Neoclassics T, tell them Robin sent ya' (sorry Chris O' Donnell, never get the spotlight huh?).
06 October 2010, 16:33

Sunset Plaza Mansion

Neoclassics event tomorrow, Saturday Oct. 2...Sunset Plaza Mansion Party Sponsored by yours truly. If your in socal hang with us at a Hollywood Mansion with a 360 degree view of Hollywood; expect live performances, DJ/Dancefloors, Gogo's, Pool, Shuttles for convenient parking and more. Just drop the name and say you're with Neoclassics at the door, we'll take care of you. Park at 8560 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90069 and wait for the shuttle. People wearing Neoclassics gear get special entry, Pz
02 October 2010, 00:29