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To my 9-5'ers, you made it! Friday is here, time to recharge your sanity.  You can start your weekend right by joining the LA crowds and flood the gates of EDC or hop on that highway to Vegas...either way, you cant go wrong, just don't sit at home and blog like some of us.  If you haven't had a chance to check out the line up for EDC yet, Deadmau5 / Kaskade are headlining tonight and Armin Van Buuren / Benassi own the stage tomorrow.  For those of you that are reading my blog while your there (all 10 million of you) make sure you stumble your way to the Circuit grounds to catch Infected Mushroom's live set...

While on the topic of good music and DJ's I wanted to shed some light on my friend DJ MYSTER-E , a prominent DJ in the LA/Hollywood scene.

Born in Echo Park and raised in the heart of Los Angeles, DJ Myster-E never stopped giving back to the community that molded him.  His persistence and passion for music landed him a position at hit station 102.7 KIIS FM, as well as LA's 104.3 MY FM, when he's not busy entertaining the city through radio waves MYSTER-E still packs the clubs at local LA/Hollywood gigs.  Look for him in the Neoclassics Logo T at Falcon in Hollywood this weekend!
25 June 2010, 18:27

Day 1 of summer X X Kelenna Azubuike

Hello world! Welcome to the new face and voice of Neoclassics, let's break this blog in.

So, the first day of summer, the sun was shining, Ron Artest is still going crazy and the Lakers are parading, what more could our smog filled LA lungs ask for?  Let's kick things off with a brief synopsis of my championship game day, yes, my game day, where WE as a city brought down the knee injury faking, drooling, tales of the crypt lookin', Boston Celtics.  Ever since I was a little germ I followed the Lakers religiously, I honestly believed in my mind that I would be the starting lefty point guard playing under coach Del Harris.  When I soon realized that this task would be unattainable since Nick Van Exel rudely took my job, I decided to just be a loyal follower of the NBA.  Given my history of admiration for the game and its' talents I was truly excited last Thursday afternoon for my meeting with Golden State Warrior starting guard Kelenna Azubuike .

When Kelenna isn't busy rejecting JR Smith at the rim and dunking on NBA competition, he actually spends a lot of his time creating music and appreciating the arts.  I was stoked when he told me he was a fan of my new Neoclassics' designs and invited me over to his house to hang with him and his brothers, Jay and Zo.

So there I was, watching ESPN on championship day, talking sports with the pros, just like I envisioned when I was a little germ.  As we shuffled around his living room and cracked jokes he tried on different fresh Neoclassics T's, he settled on the traditional teal on black Logo and Bushido designs, check it out.

I have to say, every days a hustle but to have someone this successful appreciate the work I do is really inspiring.  I told Kelenna that when I created Neoclassics I wanted to use the simple medium of fashion to spread the mindset and lifestyle of living free without societies boundaries.  Whether your bound by habit, money or stereotypes make sure you tune everything out and march to the beat of your own drum.

Well fam', this is getting too heavy so let's save some for next time! Please do yourself a favor and pick up some original Neoclassics gear and start following the footsteps of one of the most humble yet explosive players in the league, Kelenna Azubuike! Peace!
21 June 2010, 22:58

Numero Uno Hello

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16 June 2010, 22:54

Neoclassics shop now open

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Please visit the shop section to view our Neoclassics t-shirts for men and women.
13 June 2010, 12:59