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Respect Real Folks

So for the past few weeks we've been putting our ears to the streets; been keeping really busy marketing Neoclassics at events/networking, getting to know the people that matter ya know.  I just wanted to take a minute to show off some of the dope treasures I acquired during the process...
First piece is my friend Joe's, don't sleep on this talented artist, his attention to detail and play on colors is one of a kind. I love the classic feel and style, ignoring current trends in the industry (sounds familiar?).  This featured piece is called the Hayagriva , notice the steady hand, canvas balance and contemporary flare on traditional Chinese color schemes (I scanned a picture from my old tattoo magazine to show the saturated hues of blue green, yellow and pink)...

Next is Retna, if you're local to Los Angeles you should be familiar with his work, ran into him at a few galleries and events already, really chill guy.  This was the piece he was working on in front of the SLATE Apparel Convention during Magic, that other random dude is sporting the new FILTERED SENSES T (Las Vegas, NV)

Lastly, we have Tewsr, such a raw street artist that's starting to pick up a lot of momentum lately.  I chilled with him at the OC Foodie Festival this weekend since I was there with friends from Komodo (now dishin out Neoclassics from their trucks)

Hats off to Tewsr for paying homage to one of hip hop's living legends (KRS One) with this charcoal piece.

He even took the time out of his live graffiti session and tagged up this poster for me after I told him about Neoclassics, respect for the real, folks.
29 August 2010, 23:16