09 January 2013, 14:24

Recently had the pleasure to sit down with Steven Yeun from AMC's hit show "The Walking Dead", his chill persona from the show isn't far from his true personality, seriously one of the chillest guys I've met!  Steven has big plans for 2013 and is stepping onto the big screen, moving away from TV shows and making his way to feature films.  Although I'm excited to see him wear different hats and show off his versatility it's hard to top off the speedy and tactful zombie killer in my eyes...


"The Walking Dead" definitely satiates zombie fanatics need for blood and gore, show some support and check it out on AMC...
I'm not sure what it is but the concept of borderline apocalyptic society and zombie breakouts have attracted my mind ever since the idea was introduced to me.  Something about society breaking down, laws being obsolete and only the strong survive speaks to me; as bloody and miserable as it may be when that day comes I'm sure my team will be better prepared than others!

09 January 2013, 14:24