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If you guys missed the Creativity Heals Event heres a quick recap of the night...The Kesspro Studio in downtown L.A. was buzzing that night, packed with talented minds and the creative do-gooders.  Guest enjoyed everything from a firsthand try at the aerial silk, live performances from various dance crews, musicians and even martial artists!  All creativity and self expression was welcome, unified by the single goal of helping the youth of our future.  Thanks you Jenny Kita for always putting together this dope event!





 We had the chance to hang out with our brother Joe Wu (Djembe & Canvas) as admirers utilized his 3D glasses to appreciate in awe his colorful works of art.

Djembejoe djcambe


The talented Jenilee Reyes stole the night for us, she took the stage and performed some of her new singles while sporting our Geisha Tank!

janelle creativity heals

We were even lucky enough to walk away with the grand raffle prize...A trip for two to Waikiki, Hawaii!  Raising money for a great cause, mingling with the creative minds of Los Angeles, connecting with old friends and looking forward to a island vacation....not too bad if you ask meCool  Can't wait for the next event, if you haven't yet, show Creativity Heals some love and support!! They're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all that good stuff, check it out:

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20 May 2013, 22:28